About Us

Needle Man

Respect the traditions.

When Arun Kumar Bajaj started embrodiary design art almost 12 years ago, his goal was a simple one; to create the best designs in the industry and make them affordable to home “in-house” process from designs, to CD’s, to advertisements, to sales, he has been able to accomplish that goal and remain the leader in home embroidery designs with affordable prices.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To bring fun and creativity back to home embroidery with gorgeous designs and affordable prices. Our collections are very distinct and unique compared to others in that the designs coordinate, which is extremely important. . Each of the Bajaj art design Collections is inspired by current industry trends and can compliment any room in your home. All of our collections are project based, meaning if we can’t think of a project to create with the designs we simply will not produce the collection. Each collection is drawn by one artist and digitized by one digitizer. This means all of the designs will have the same quality and consistency. Arun Kumar Bjaj, owner and master digitizer has personally digitized over a lot of designs and has over 12 years experience in the embroidery industry. The designs in each collection are sized from 3” x 3” to as large as 8” x 12”. Each collection uses as few thread colors as possible and is digitized for use with home and commercial embroidery machines.

Arun Bajaj...